What does Oracle Know About Cloud Computing That You Don’t?

Oracle is a world leader in data-based software. When Bloomberg.com discussed the company’s new marketing strategy, they revealed a future that’s focused on selling cloud-based software instead of traditional computer-based programs. What does Oracle know about cloud computing that you haven’t figured out yet? Their website explains one important idea that’s worth repeating, “Most businesses spend 4x more maintaining IT than innovating with IT.”

Cloud computing can help businesses make simple operating changes that can save some of that time, effort, and money. Those things are pretty important if you want your business to grow.

Cloud-based Applications

With cloud computing you can run your usual management software– CRM, ERP, shipping, document creation, and more– the way you always do, with one big difference. You use cloud-based versions, so you don’t have to load, store, or maintain programs on your computer… or pay an IT guy to do it.

With cloud computing, you access your programs — often called applications– from a browser tab. Application files and data are stored online, not on your computer; so they can be updated automatically. That means you don’t have to search for program updates and enhancements, or send someone to the computer store to purchase the latest upgrade editions.

Cloud Storage

The tables, graphs, charts, reports, photos, and bytes of data that your business generates can push your computer storage capacity over the limit. Of course you can buy hardware to supplement your system or add an external device. But no matter how simple a procedure it is to perform, you’ll have to take the time to install it or call on your IT guy to do it for you.

Online storage saves the time and effort necessary to upgrade local drive space. When a user saves a document, they are simply prompted to save to their cloud space. That simple procedure can eliminate your computer drive issues by providing enough space to accommodate everything you produce. if you prefer to save your documents locally, cloud storage is a perfect alternative for offsite back up.

Document Sharing 

When employees need to circulate documents and data among co-workers, they sometimes print them, circulate them, and forward them as yet another piece of paper to be added to everyone’s desk. Alternatively, they can email documents to already-overloaded email in-boxes. Either way it takes time and effort to manage and distribute business documents.

With cloud computing, work-generated documents are stored online, so sharing is simple and easy. You can accomplish distribution, review, and feedback by allowing designated employees access to your cloud storage space, or by giving them limited access to specific apps or documents. Employee 24/7 cloud access from any internet device can lead to increased employee productivity.

And if a Catastrophe Happens…

Imagine the consequences to stored data if a fire or storm severely damage your place of business. Think about what might happen if your computer simply crashed? If your computer backup system is separate but still located on the same business premises, it would be equally vulnerable.

Data recovery efforts can be expensive, and they are not always successful. When you compute in the cloud, a catastrophe may damage your premises, but your offsite stored data will remain safe. Even if your computer is completely destroyed, you can still access the data you need to run your business by signing into your cloud account from any device with internet access. It’s an easy, economical recovery.

What Does Oracle Know About Cloud Computing That You Don’t?

Do you remember when the internet was new and unknown? You knew it had great potential; but back then, nobody really knew what to do with it. Things have changed a lot over a short period of time, and they will keep changing. Perhaps Oracle is leaning more heavily on marketing cloud computing services because they realize that it’s one of the most dynamic internet changes ever.

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