What are the Benefits of Using a Business Continuity Center for Disaster Recovery?

Thinking about disaster recovery in relation to your business may not be enjoyable, but it simply has to be done – just as individuals must plan for family members having accidents or passing away. Natural disasters can be devastating, especially to a business, if there’s no preparation beforehand. The good news is, with a plan in place, recovery can be accomplished relatively quickly and easily.

One of the most essential aspects to disaster recovery is having a dedicated business continuity center. Here at Global IP Networks, we provide such a place where you can go and get your business back into operation immediately with the proper setup and equipment. Our business continuity center is available whenever disaster strikes, on a first-come, first-served basis, and its benefits to your company simply can’t be emphasized enough.

Gathering Your Staff in One Place

When major disasters strike and your business headquarters is damaged, you have to get on your feet as soon as possible. This includes gathering your employees in one place to confer on things. While mobile technology has come a long way and is a great way to link employees, having to coordinate operations can be a chore. Our business continuity center is designed so that your employees can converge in one place and resume normal operation within a reasonable amount of time.

Access to Internet and Computers

Any business continuity center needs to have high speed, reliable internet connectivity as well as top of the line computer systems with reliable servers. We assure all of that so you can still take orders online or communicate with customers. When you store your data in our reliable data center, you can be assured access to everything without incurring any losses. We’re strategically located in a safe zone away from flood risks, and our networks and generators are reliable.

Access to Phones

Despite mobile connectivity, some businesses need dedicated lines to conduct business. At our Business Continuity Center, we’ll have workable phones available at all times for other business calls. Re-routing all calls through those lines will help you if customers still need to reach you through a regular phone line.

At Global IP Networks we are committed to making sure you don’t become a statistic in losing your business without proper disaster preparation. You’ll have everything you need right here with us, even if your headquarters isn’t protected. Our Business Continuity Center is service we’re proud to provide.

Contact us so we can tell you more about our business continuity center and how you can set up arrangements when it’s absolutely necessary.

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