Top 10 Managed Security Service Providers 2017

The results are in: Global IP Networks has officially been named one of Enterprise Security Magazine’s “Top 10 Security Service Providers” for 2017.

This year’s finalists were selected by a diverse panel of ESM editorial board members, CEOs, CFOs, and data analysts within the IT industry. Their ultimate goal was to recognize companies that offer their clients user-friendly, profit-friendly, and intruder-unfriendly data protection services. These traits represent a veritable “gold standard” in the field of cyber security…but for us, they’re just business as usual.

With data breaches and hacking efforts becoming more common and more destructive in recent years, large corporations and independent businesses alike are finally starting to grasp the importance of IT security. Our hope is that, by providing corporate transparency and high-quality solutions to the groups that use our services, we can maintain the trust of our existing clients and gain the trust of new clients. In turn, our clients will be able to say they are using best practices when it comes to the safety and security of their associates, employees, and customers.

Global IP Networks is humbled to be recognized. Since our inception in 2000, we have always been passionate about people first, technology second. When you host with us, you will be among other respectable and growing businesses like yours. We understand that your business is an investment in your future, so we are here to give you the safest, most positive and risk-free environment to support a return on that investment.

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