Three Key Considerations Regarding Network Security

Now more than ever, the concern of network security should be one of the top priorities of small business owners. With accounts of unsuspecting startups devastated by cyber attacks becoming more and more common, network security is a concern that can no longer be ignored.

Three Key Considerations Regarding Network Security:

1. Smaller doesn’t necessarily mean safer. Although some businesses assume that because their network is small it will escape unwanted attention, this assumption is incorrect. According to PC World, the idea that smaller networks are harder to crack is one of the top five myths of Wi-Fi security. While some network administrators assume that weakening their wireless router’s transmission will make them less accessible to users with malicious intent, in reality they are just weakening the network’s effectiveness for legitimate users. They should instead focus their efforts on boosting the network’s encryption levels.

2. The stakes are high – and you may be playing without a safety net. According to recent reports, many small business owners are unaware that their business accounts might lack the fraud protection necessary to help them recover from losses in the event of a cyber attack:

Unless the owners have fraud insurance, they must shoulder the losses alone. One reason is that owners who have been victimized are often reluctant to speak about it, out of embarrassment or fear of publicity. (New York Times)

In addition to taking the basic steps of educating employees regarding cyber security and keeping firewalls up to date, small business owners are encouraged to consider placing their funds with larger, big-name banks, many of which have monitoring systems in place to identify anomalous, potentially-fraudulent account activity.

3. Professional help is available. Although the task of cyber security may seem daunting, remember that you don’t have to go it alone. Qualified data centers such as Global IP Networks exist to aid you with your network needs. Utilizing an ultra-redundant, self-healing network, we ensure that in addition to being secure, your data delivery will be fast and accurate.

For any questions regarding our services, particularly in regards to cyber security measures, please feel free to contact us.

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