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Competition is fierce in today’s mobile app market. Those ‘in the know’ recognize the need to excel in every area of development as major corporations, such as Verizon Wireless (in partnership with Samsung), attempt to cull the brilliance of all mobile app designers- including high school students. So how do the visionaries of mobile app development position themselves at the forefront of the market?

Strength Even the novice can exhibit the attributes of strength…confidence, aptitude, self-motivated results…all are important factors in gathering prospective clients. When your competition includes tech-savvy youth a strong portfolio of support resources can give you the necessary boost to surpass others in a rapidly developing market.

Stability Consistent delivery and reliable service will be vital links to encourage repeat business. Clients will want to know that the app will be presented on time, every time. Reliability demands a team of dedicated people working toward your goals. Successful business people don’t necessarily have to be brilliant- they just need to surround themselves with brilliant people.

Support How will you ensure that it will all work when and how it is supposed to? What happens when the inevitable disaster occurs? You will need to have a plan in place to ensure limited (or no) downtime or data loss. Continuity of business is the link to ensuring client satisfaction.

Traditional back-up methods for data no longer ensure full protection of your most valuable resource- your development projects and final products. Natural disaster, utility outages, and even the ‘every day glitch’ can result in data loss that can set back the development process, risking the completion of the project or event the loss of interested clients. What resources do you use to create a failsafe system of data access and security? Do they include

  • Access to a Business Continuity Center;
  • A secure colocation center;
  • A disaster recovery center;
  • Complementary Tier-1 support, and
  • 24/7 Customer support?

When you are ready to advance to the next level in competing in the mobile app development arena, contact us to learn how we can help you protect your time and resources.

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