The Advantages of Using SAN (Storage Area Network)

SAN (Storage Area Network) has the ability to move data between servers. It consists of a high-speed network of storage devices that connects the devices with servers. Many companies choose to deploy SAN because it offers better flexibility, availability and performance than direct-attached storage. Other reasons to use it are:

  • You want better disk utilization. When your storage is in a centralized storage network you can manage everything as 1 entity
  • You need a reliable disaster recovery solution. The upfront cost is high, but the benefits can be realized in just an hour after your system goes down
  • SAN assures 100 percent storage availability. It does not require reboots to add or replace disks
  • You need storage connectivity for distance at 6 miles. This distance capability allows you to consolidate your storage into an isolated location dedicated to storage

A San Manager is a type of software that enables management of fibre channel attached storage in a very efficient manner as an administrative cluster. SAN Manager enables systems to use a common pool of storage devices on a network. By using a SAN Manager, an administrator can assign storage from available capacity pools where and when there is a need. A computer service that develops online platforms and data warehouses as well as focuses on security and growth can set up a network for you. Their staff can put their data center knowledge and expertise to work for you, and help you move ahead of your competition.

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