The Advantages of SSD (Solid State Drives) in Servers and Web Hosting

Solid state drives are the latest development in hard drive technology. If the name sounds familiar, that may be because it sounds very similar to its predecessor HDD or hard disk drive. Both types of hard drives are the nonvolatile storage on a computer, smartphone or tablet. This is the data that does not get wiped when the device turns off. Hard drives store data such as files, pictures, videos and other hard data saved on the device.

Physical advantages

SSD (Solid State Drives) are vastly superior to HDD (Hard Disk Drives). Their physical composition is most evident of this. With traditional HDD drives, there is a read/write head on the arm of the device that moves to find and access data while metal platters spin simultaneously. With SSD drives, all data is stored on flash memory chips that are capable of retaining data without power. You may have heard of flash memory before, as it’s a similar memory type used in USB drives. However, SSD’s are much faster and a more reliable type of memory.


Solid state hard drives have considerable advantages over hard disk drives when installed on a server. Not only will the system boot up considerably faster, it will also store and locate files faster. This can help facilitate applications and programs, allowing them to startup and run at faster rates as well. An SSD will always outshine a HDD in terms of speed and overall performance. Transfer times are faster and whether you are using the server for business or personal use, one equipped with an SSD is a good choice.

Web Hosting

If your web host uses SSD hard drives, the biggest advantage will come in the load time of your website. Websites hosted on SSD servers tend to load 2-5X faster than websites hosted on servers with hard disk drives. You may find that the administration panel for your web host loads faster and is more responsive as well. SSD hosting can improve the user experience on your website by allowing images and pages to load quicker.

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