Taking the Buffet Approach to Cloud Computing

Few organizations survive without trial and error. What may work well today may not work tomorrow. While it is possible to build educated guesses on market fluctuations, no one knows the future. Uncertainty may be the reason companies have invested in a buffet style cloud computing approach. Why are organizations not focusing on one single approach?

Development Life Cycle Changes

Over 71% of cloud companies focused on DevOps, according to a RightScale study. This focus of DevOps, a combination of development and operations, is not to only build software. Instead DevOps looks to support that software through its natural life cycle. This life cycle includes bug fixing, major upgrades, workflow tweaks, and much more. As software changes, so do the requirements to run that software. Newly released software, full of bugs, often requires more power. Older software, tweaked for performance, uses a minimal of computing power. Using many approaches helps an organization only pay for what power is needed.

Lower Cost to Entry

The RightScale study also reveals that over 74% of enterprises are using a hybrid cloud approach. Within those organizations using a hybrid cloud approach, over half are using a mix of public and private clouds. Hybrid strategies are so popular among enterprises because of their lower cost to entry. These enterprises know that one of the largest cloud expenditures can be a migration. By using a solution that makes migration easier, the cost of the IT project plummets.

Fewer Single Points of Failure

The concept to remove single points of failure is not new in the IT industry. Often single points of failure cause massive downtime interruptions which cost companies a lot of money. Cloud computing decreases these single points of failure to help ensure that downtime problems are contained to smaller areas. This strategy helps ensure maximum uptime and productivity.

While cloud computing may not work for every organization, most companies are approaching cloud computing as a buffet. With so many options and choices among cloud computing, few can fault organizations for sampling a lot of offerings. The best place to start is to work with an IT company that can help an organization understand its nutritional needs.

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