Spam E-Mail: A Drain On The Economy

The average e-mail user knows the feeling of excitement when they discover they have an inbox of legitimate emails waiting for them. This feeling often evaporates and becomes disappointment when it is realized that the e-mail is nothing more than spam. It happens to virtually every e-mail user at some point or another. The feeling is both annoying and the spam is a drain on economic resources.

The Three Main Costs Of Spam E-mail

One might wonder how spam e-mail could really be that big of a drain on the economy. Most of us probably think that the cost would be so infinity small that it wouldn’t matter. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Spam e-mail hurts our economy in three big ways.

  • Opportunity Costs
  • Spam Prevention Software
  • Losing Legitimate Messages

The time we spend going through spam e-mail is time that could have been spent doing any number of more productive things. Couple this with the fact that it can cost us money to buy spam prevention software that would have been unnecessary without spam e-mails and you can start to see the problem. Finally, losing the legitimate messages in the pile of spam messages can also take a financial toll.

The Gains Are Tiny

The financial gains are tiny for those who spam our e-mail accounts. However, a market still remains in spam e-mail, so people are going to continue to send them. Considering this reality, it is better to prepare ourselves for it than to deny its existence.

Check E-mail Carefully And Weed Out The Spam

At some point, the spam e-mail has to be rooted out by the e-mail account owner. Make sure that you are checking your e-mails carefully to ensure that the legitimate messages are not thrown out with the rest. It can be a daunting task to handle, but it is one that should be done on a regular basis.

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