Scoping Out Disaster Scenarios for a More Strategic Business Continuity Plan

The two words of business continuity might sound like a simple concept if you think you’re thoroughly prepared for disasters. If you haven’t had a professional audit of your company, however, you probably only know a quarter of the potential things that could happen to bring excessive downtime. As it’s always said, you probably don’t know what you don’t know. Ultimately, when it comes to guessing what could potentially happen, you might as well throw everything in.

If this seems overwhelming, you can still scope out some of the most likely scenarios that could happen in your company. With disasters happening from both the natural world and human beings, it’s no doubt a long list, yet can help you think more seriously about how you’d respond.

You can base this list on where you live and the surrounding potential dangers. Plus, you can go by the type of business you’re in and whether any human threats are possible.

The important thing is to set up a business continuity plan so when something happens, you can transition into emergency mode without going into a daze for days or even weeks.

Here at Global IP Networks, we can help you with this scenario and provide cloud-based solutions for easy data storage and retrieval anywhere in the world.

Natural Disasters

Nobody can say natural disasters happen more often than human-caused disasters, because they’re really equal. Yet, if you live in a place that commonly has hurricanes, you already know what’s at risk. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t think about what other natural disasters could happen near your company headquarters.

Do you also live in a place that’s had serious earthquakes? What about the new emerging wrath of sinkholes in some parts of the U.S.? Even floods can happen in the blink of an eye if outdoor plumbing or drainage malfunctions.

In the above scenario, both natural and man-made disasters can occur at the same time.

Human Disasters

You should never underestimate what human beings are capable of doing in causing problems. Whether it’s something out of spite or by accident, things can happen within your office that leads to everything suddenly shutting down.

As another example of nature and human-caused disasters integrating, perhaps your employees can’t make it in due to a major weather event occurring.

With the cloud, you can move to another location and gain access to all of your business data instantly. No longer do you have to worry about downtime when an on-site server goes down or wonder how you’re going to get your business back on its feet.

Contact us here at Global IP Networks to find out more about our cloud solutions as part of a business continuity plan that’s thorough.

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