Personalized Server Hosting Free of Risky Business

Large server hosting data centers are trying to market their services to everyone, but this comes at a cost. First of all, by trying to appeal to everyone, they’re mixing risky businesses with safer ones. Second, their solutions are more generalized, resulting in their customer support being less personal. Choosing  personalized server hosting, free from at-risk businesses, gives safer businesses the solutions needed for positive growth.

A Safe and Secure Hosting Solution

Global IP Networks is a unique data center, which provides safe and personalized server hosting solutions for safe businesses. We can ensure safety and security better than other services, because we refuse to host at-risk industries like: pornography, gambling, and spamming. With our server hosting, clients can enjoy being among only respectable safe businesses like their own.

While this approach may conclude our inability to appeal to a larger customer base, our objective of providing a safe and secure environment is accomplished better. This unique attribute Global IP Networks offers ensures respectable businesses more up-time and peace of mind.

Personalized Service

While our technology is top-notch and can facilitate businesses of any size, the most common benefit our clients appreciate is our personalized service. What makes our data center stand out is our customer service, which includes our technical expertise for problem solving.

Customers have 24/7 access to their equipment and our business continuity center, which is at our easily accessible location in Plano, Texas. Also, 24/7 immediate technical assistance is only a phone call away, where our skilled data center staff are available to help. Clients can enjoy our bandwidth monitoring tool as well, so they can keep track of up-to-the minute network usage.

A Place to Grow

Server hosting shouldn’t be getting in the way of positive business growth, rather it should facilitate growth with a secure and reliable data center environment. Global IP Networks is a positive and friendly company that works hard to facilitate positive growth for our clients. Our approach is quality over quantity, thus enabling us to spend the time needed to provide our clients with excellent personalized service.

Although there are hundreds of server hosting options out there, not many are able to provide respectable businesses with the safe and personalized service they need. By cutting out at-risk business industries, and putting emphasis on a personal approach to customer service: our clients gain a partner that can help them positively grow in a safe and reliable server hosting environment. Please contact us with any questions, and we’ll be glad to help.

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