Network Security is More than Just Software

An  Internet connection is necessary so your business can communicate with employees, customers, and suppliers. Because this communications technology can expose your data to hackers and malware, you’ve initiated software and protocols to protect your digital information. You can also implement two physical security steps to add to that protection?

For example, you’ve implemented a firewall and threat management software to make it impossible for unauthorized people outside your office to access your data remotely. But how visible are your office display monitors to visitors wandering your reception area? Can anyone walking outside your building look through the windows and view what an employee is typing? Can someone with binoculars or a high-zoom camera spy on your office monitors from the building across the street?

The simple solution is to turn your monitors away from any walkways or windows, so only the people using them can view the display. As a further precaution, manually turn off any screens that are not in use. You can also use a password-protected screensaver to blank out the display after a period of inactivity.

Another potential security problem can come from all the information you print. When you’re done with those pieces of paper, do they just go into the recycling bin. Or worse yet, if an employee reads a document while at a coffee shop, does he just throw it in the garbage can after he’s done. How much confidential information do those papers contain: customer names and addresses, product development occasions, quarterly budgets, or employee reviews? Can a competitor simply pick those papers out and find out everything he wants to know about your company?

Again, the solution is quite simple. Hire a confidential document service to set up locked bins at your place of business. Require all employees to dispose of any printouts containing company information into the slots of these bins. At periodic intervals, the document service picks up the bins and shreds the papers inside it.

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