Network Security Involves More Than Just Protection From a Cyber Attack

Most businesses know the importance of network security. Protecting the company’s data from a cyber attack or malware is a priority.  However, a recent case in Indiana demonstrates that security also means protecting data from internal error. A minor programming glitch at the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) led to the exposure of more than 185,000 client records, including confidential health care data protected under HIPAA.

The Problem

FSSA officials acknowledged this month that the HIPAA breach had taken place, assigning accountability to the organization’s technology contractor. They assert that a programming error was made in its document management system. The error resulted in clients receiving packages with other clients’ confidential data, including patient names, contact information, their monthly benefit amounts, financial data, disability status, medical conditions, specific demographic information and social security numbers. It’s understandable that this type of data would be a cause for alarm.

The Lesson

Regardless of what type of business you are in, your technology partner is key to your success. In this case, the error was discovered and quickly corrected. The FSSA gave its clients a free 90-day fraud alert service. However, the damage was done and the reputation of the FSSA and its contractor tarnished. Keeping your data accessible and protected is the cornerstone of any successful company. Finding a trustworthy service provider is imperative.

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