KPMG: Executives Want Cloud Computing To Improve Employee Productivity

Business executives are looking to cloud computing to improve employee productivity. That’s according to a KPMG study published recently.

According to the survey of 500 leaders in business, 42% said that they are embracing the cloud to fill technology gaps so that employees can have easier access to business resources. That’s almost triple the amount of 15% that recognized the advantage of the cloud just two years ago. Specifically, 54% of those polled expect the cloud to increase employee productivity. Almost half (48%) said that the cloud will improve employee morale. The study by KPMG was conducted in conjunction with Forbes Insights.

It was once the case that executives looked to cloud computing as a cost-cutting measure. It was a relief to many business to offload the burden of maintaining infrastructure and software updates to another party. However, the cloud is now seen as a way to empower employees and improve their morale.

Why the change? For starters, cloud computing is more mature now than it was two years ago. As a result, the technology has adapted to the demands of the business IT landscape. The advent of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has almost certainly had some impact on the change in strategy as well. As companies are allowing employees to use their own equipment, a natural IT solution is to ensure that business resources and software applications are accessible via the cloud. Finally, there is noticeable improvement in the economy. That leads to more investment in technology as a means to compete with other companies that are offering their employees morale-boosting incentives.

The research also shows that 37% of executives are using the cloud to improve customer service, predominantly in the retail sector. ”The emergence of the digital-savvy customer calls for organizations to embrace new approaches and tools for communication with customers and prospects,” the study says.

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