Keeping the “Bring Your Own Device” Policy In Line With Your Network Security

Bring your own device (BYOD) is a trend that has been developing over the past few years. It’s good for companies because employees bringing in their own devices ultimately results in cost-savings. In addition, employees seem to like it as well because they more comfortable working on their own devices.

Sounds good, right? There’s just one tiny problem that companies have been known to overlook: network security. It’s harder to protect data and information when employees are bringing in their own devices, rather than using company-provided computers. If this process is insecure, then throw out all of the cost-savings, comfort, and convenience – they’re all secondary in comparison to network security.

recent article posted in The Guardian discusses network security and identifies risks that many businesses face. The article signals out BYOD as a main risk to companies, since many overlook the security aspect to it:

“The BYOD trend, where employees use their own devices in the workplace, offer many benefits, such as cost savings. However, allowing BYOD will make it much harder to keep control of the flow of information within a business. You will need to ensure staff stick to official company policies and disconnect them immediately as soon as they leave.”

There’s two important things to keep in mind regarding network security for BYOD companies. The first is the company policy concerning security. You’ll want to strictly outline exactly how employees are allowed to connect with the network. Upon leaving, they should be forced to disconnect immediately. This reduces the risk of data breach for businesses.

The second is to consult your network security provider. Keeping your employees to a strict company policy is admirable, but the highest level of network security can only be provided with a transparent relationship. With this information, a network security provider can assist you in keeping your BYOD policy secure.

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