Installing SAN (Storage Area Network) is a Worthwhile Investment for Business

It’s understood that most computers today are attached to storage devices. SAN (Storage Area Network) is designed for universal storage connectivity. SAN is designed to connect a number of computers to a variety of storage devices. This means computers are able to determine ownership and even share data when necessary.

According to an article in MCP Magazine, “The general concept, is more about treating storage like a utility and actually having storage that can be provisioned on demand and decreased — really, a liquid type of storage that’s in a pool. So SANs, in general, if you’re talking to a purist, is more about the concept of storage turning into utility for the servers.”

Storage Administrator

One thing companies have to understand is that SAN becomes a feature of its operating system. The duties of a storage administrator can usually be divided among two or more people. Network administrators are usually the ones who know how to optimize the network when it comes to dealing with storage issues. A company’s server administrator will also be able to have some of the duties of a storage administrator.


When a company has a successful SAN implementation it will have the ability to be protected against almost any type of failure possibility. It will provide an ability to survive component failure with the links and switches in its infrastructure. When done correctly, the a company’s computers will also have designed strategies for enduring and recovering from any possible type of failure.


When a company wants to implement SAN it is a serious investment into protecting against failure. It will require an initial investment of capital as well as time and effort to install as well as to train its users. Once this is done a company’s most valuable data utilized to perform critical applications will have a high level of security. A SAN can also be designed to expand at the same rate a company grows.

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