How a Business Can Benefit From Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is getting a good deal of media attention, though many in the business community are still unclear about how what exactly it is and how it differs from other data storage and retrieval methods. In simple terms, cloud computing entials placing all software resources employees need on a web-based rather than a desktop-based platform.  One remote server manages and secures all of these resources for all employees, allowing them to access the software and files they need to do their jobs from any location.

Cost Savings on Software Licenses

Traditional employee computer workstations can be expensive when it comes to software installations and licenses. Purchasing a specific software package and a handful of user licenses can add up quickly. Each time a company hires a new employee, he or she will come with the need to buy another user license. Cloud computing removes this high cost of doing business because an owner or IT manager only needs to buy one software license and then give employees access through a web-based cloud service.

Flexible File Access

With a simple user name and password, each employee can access his or her needed files and software stored and managed in the cloud. As long as he or she is in a location with active Internet access, cloud computing holds many possibilities for telecommunting or more flexible work schedules. Studies have shown that worker productivity gets a noticeable boost when employees have these options.

Improved Security

Cloud computing comes with file storage in a remote server location that a third party manages. A high calibar cloud storage service comes with strong encryption measures that will safeguard files against digital intruders. Since this technology is relatively new, regular risk assessments are performed to uncover and close any possible security loopholes. For more details on how implementing cloud computing can help your company, contact us today.

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