Ensuring Business Continuity During Disaster Recovery Time

Recent news reminds business owners of the need for business continuity in technology when there is a natural disaster or loss of utilities. Preparation for disaster recovery down-time should be made before there is a potential threat, and choosing the right partner in data protection and co-location is vital to creating a safe and positive environment for your business.

Naturally Occurring Disasters

The top ten naturally occurring disasters in the state of Texas, ranging from tornados to fires to winter storms, make it an at-risk environment for technology services. Companies should consider utilizing an off-site data center to minimize physical risk to data during a natural disaster. Have you considered using a Business Continuity Center (BCC)? In a time of crisis, a Business Continuity Center allows the technology personnel to relocate to the off-site location and continue to provide real-time service in a safe environment. Secure co-location as an alternative for operations gives peace of mind during a time of natural disaster recovery.

Loss of Utilities

Rolling blackouts…short-term power outages, and loss of utilities are all threats to technological continuity. According to the AgriLife Extension, “Loss of utilities can occur for several reasons: severe weather, blackouts and equipment failure to name a few”. Knowing that your company is prepared to continue operations during a loss of utilities provides peace of mind to the clientele and can be a selling point for prospective customers. Reliable access to data using a data center that has 2(N+1) Power Plant with Redundant UPS and back-up generators is a strong confirmation of a company’s dedication to the client.

Network or Terrorist Attack

The potential for attacks on data sources is increasing, and safe zones for operations can be a valuable resource during times of concern. Does your company have its base of operations in a high-risk zone surrounding the Dallas, Ft. Worth, or DFW Airport area? Would you even be able to access your business center if the area were closed due to potential terrorist activity? Time can be of the essence during an emergency, and utilizing a co-location source in a strategic region can be the difference between business continuity and client loss.

Is safe, reliable access to data a priority for your company? Contact us to discuss the benefits of using an experienced data and disaster-recovery center.

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