Enjoy Maximum Security with Colocation Server Hosting

Deciding whether or not to house your own servers isn’t the easiest task. There are pros and cons that you need to consider before making any type of commitment, but as an alternative, you should look into colocation server hosting. Colocation has numerous benefits, including sufficient security.

Passive and Active Protection from Fire

Fire can spell disaster for servers, especially if it is allowed to spread. Fortunately, with colocation, you can feel confident in knowing your servers are as safe as possible with passive and active fire protection.

Constant Video Monitoring

With individuals that are solely responsible for keeping an eye on the video feed, you do not have to worry about any unwanted visitors tampering with your servers. However, in the rare case that a problem does occur, the video feeds will generally lead to the resolution of the problem.

Access Control System

One of the best security features to have in a colocation building is an access control system. It works to prevent anyone that is not allowed inside, from getting inside. It also provides those that are inside with a great deal of safety and security by not having to worry about potential intruders.

Uninterruptible Power

With a business to run, you cannot afford for the power to go out. Colocation providers make uninterruptible power a priority, and redundant backups mean you do not have to worry about power outages.

Temperature and Humidity Control

When your hardware operates at a higher-than-normal temperature, your server performance will suffer and while it depends on how hot the hardware actually gets, it can lower the overall lifespan.

Temperature and humidity control are essential for secure housing.

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