Cloud Computing: Denial of Service Attacks

In a cloud computing environment, attacks on shared resources can compromise your cloud solution. It is important to have security in place for when your systems may become compromised. Additionally, managed services such as monitering can avoid many types of attacks.

A Denial of Service (DOS Attack) causes increased loads on your servers and network that result in an overload and/or a failure. If a failure does not occur, response time will degrade and become unacceptable. You will lose the consumer to another web site. This ultimately will cost you money as your online presence will be down.

For example, two cloud consumers are trying to access your virtual servers hosted by a single virtual server. One of the virtual servers is being attacked by a hacker and is generating too much load on the physical server. The end result is the second web server becoming unavailable to consumers and bringing down your entire site.

Additionally, if you are paying for metered usage, you could get stuck paying for resources you are not really using. Having your systems monitored will save you money in the long run if you are on the receiving end of a DOS attack.

Here at Global IP Networks, we monitor for these types of attacks and prevent your servers from going down or becoming flooded with malicious traffic. We have staff on hand 24×7, bandwidth monitoring, multi-layer security and a host of other services that will benefit you. If you are ready to get started or simply have questions, contact us today!

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