Business Continuity: The Value of Three “P”s

Cloud computing is changing the computer industry very quickly. Business is the chief recipient of this new concept. It saves money and time while protecting data and ensuring business continuity in spite of breaches and disasters.

Planning for Disaster

This attitude was a fatalistic approach to the workday just a few years ago. However, in the current economic and political atmosphere, planning for disaster and business continuity is realistic thinking. Data security is a major issue because no one can guarantee the restoration of your information to its former configuration.

Solar flares, intense storms and data breaches are just three of many reasons an enterprise of any size should plan for disaster. It is important to develop a survival plan for business data. Cloud computing and storage is the best answer for business today.

Workplace Clairvoyance

Hackers, identity thieves and spammers are today’s reality. What is the future to bring? Unless you are psychic, it is best to put a concrete system in place today utilizing the three Ps: plan, prevent and protect.

Offsite data storage is the best protection available. Cloud storage as an insurance policy works well with your document management program. Document restoration and access are keys to your business continuity.

Making it Work

Making it work needs to start someplace. The goal is business continuity, which is about getting back up with minimal data loss and maximum client satisfaction. There are two immediate concerns you must address:

  • Implementing a cloud computing system with document management and a secure offsite storage location
  • Relocating or duplicating equipment you need to use before, during and after a disaster at a minimal cost to the business

Business continuity depends upon preventing information loss by securing a service that can guarantee consistent operating uptime. You need a data center built for security, performance and peace of mind. When you contact us with your business continuity needs, we will give you information about providing a virtual data center with a low system cost and a high level of performance.

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