Backup Storage: The Options

What would you do if you lost those pictures of your spouse, or your kids, or your parent? Everybody has files that they don’t want to lose, but from time to time, disaster strikes. Are you prepared? Here are a few of the best backup storage options available today.

The Cloud

The cloud is generally accepted as the safest and most convenient storage available currently, especially for backing up files. This is because, depending on the company you subscribe to, your files will be automatically backed up multiple times, and to multiple places across the country. It doesn’t get much easier or safer than that. However, there are a couple of other options that will also serve their purpose.

External Hard Drive

Consider buying an external hard drive to copy your important files to. You can either just copy the important things, copy everything, or even create an exact copy of your current hard drive, called an image. Make sure to store your external hard drive in a safe place, preferably not in the same building that the original hard drive is in, and backup often. Depending on how much data you create, once a week or so is probably good.

DVDs or a Flash Drive

This method is pretty low-tech these days, but if you have rewritable DVDs or a large flash drive, they can serve as a quick backup storage media. Just remember that, by themselves, they’re not worth very much.

Looking for more help backing up your important data? Contact us! We’re here to help you with anything that you need.

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