Back to the Future and the Future of Storage

October 21, 2015 was a long-awaited day for fans of Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and the Flux Capacitor-fueled DeLorean. It was the day Marty arrived back in the future in Back to the Future II.

If the movie were to be made today, one would have to wonder if the Flux Capacitor would have been plagued by storage incapacity. Or perhaps, the movie would have a different story line altogether. Think about it, a big part of the plot revolves around a copy of Gray’s Sports Almanac that Marty got his hands on in 2015, only to be stolen by his nemesis Biff Tannen when Doc threw it away. Both boys have get-rich schemes involving placing bets on events that haven’t as yet happened in their native 1985. Marty’s bet  would have been on the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series October 21, 2015. But if it had been 2015, who would have bothered lugging around a hard copy when not only could he have found an online version, but also every imaginable statistic relating to every Cubs game ever played.

Back in 1989 when the sequel came out none of the writers could have imagined how Big Data would revolutionize the world. Not only are we generating more data, but we are keeping it for longer periods. As a result the digital universe we’re created is doubling in size every two years. and representing a challenge for those involved in IT.

But it is an exciting time to be involved in data storage. The data tsunami has led to innovations in managing storage such as storage virtualization and converged infrastructure. Storage packaging is changing as well. In order to accommodate these storage innovations, leading enclosure vendors have come up with small footprint enclosures that offer more capacity while requiring smaller spaces. This comes as welcomed news for colocation facilities.

If you are looking for a data center for your invaluable data, we offer a safe and secure environment for your business whether you need as little as 1U of server space in one of our racks, a half or full cabinet, or scalable cage-based square footage so you can expand as your data does.

We invite you to contact us and come in to see our secure 24/7 staffed data center.

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