Storage: The Risk and Reward of Off-Site Data Storage

If your data multiplies and your document population approaches full capacity, this is the best time to assess your storage expansion needs. Now is the time to give consideration to some important aspects of data storage. Certainly, it should never cost an arm and a leg to protect your information from the many risks that lurk in any neighborhood.

What If …

Think about your location, especially if it happens to be an urban location. The area might be crowded and not conducive to physical expansion. Internal space could already be over-populated with little – or no – spare room to add more hardware to the physical computing space that already exists.

What if an extreme event were to pay a visit to your current location and destroy that physical data? Without a back-up plan, you could lose everything including day-to-day income from business activities. The hard work, intense effort and strategic planning put into launching your business would all be gone.

We Have the Rewards

The risks are high, but the rewards we can give you are much higher. You need to preserve your programs, data and documents in a safe place that is rural, if possible. Could Plano, Texas be just the reward you need?

Plano, Texas addresses the biggest risks coming your way:

  • Disaster recovery center
  • Proactive fire, security and environmental controls
  • One story building
  • Back-up generators
  • No-flood zone
  • Raised floor with cold aisle and hot aisle separators
  • On-site staff support 24/7

That’s the partial, short list of the perks that could be yours when you contact us to review the many options available to you.

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