Enabling Remote Workers: 9 Questions to Ask

Enabling a remote workforce isn’t just about knowing how to run a meeting virtually, it’s about having the right tools, knowing how to use them, and understanding the needs of the different remote worker profiles. In these unprecedented times, we’re hearing lots of questions about how to enable a remote workforce. Here are the nine questions we hear most often and answers that you can use to get your remote workers up and running and build the essential infrastructure to support them.


Why You Should Know More About Dell

Has Dell been making important strides these days? We think so, and wanted to share the news about this company’s recent reshaping. One of the giants of the PC world made the decision to take its brand private and they have come back swinging. It is a transformation, Michael Dell says, he actually started six years ago for several reasons. Now that the deal’s done, what can their customers expect? According to Doug Schmitt, vice president for Dell Services Global Support and Deployment, they want to start identifying issues sooner before the customer even realizes there’s a problem. To ensure


Why Your Business Needs to Upgrade to SSD

Any business in the modern world needs the best networking and computer systems to keep up with their competition. Making sure your internet and network is up to date is important, but at times, we can forget what’s actually inside our computer. SSD (Solid State Drives) may be an upgrade that your business needs to make soon. What is a SSD? A solid state drive is an alternative to a hard drive. Similar to a hard drive, it’s the component of a computer that saves files and keeps them stored on your computer. Hard drives, however, have mechanical moving components, while solid


Why Web Design and Server Hosting Should Be Kept Separate

Many small businesses that want a website understandably appreciate the web designer who takes care of every aspect of its setup. The business owners are too busy running their companies to get involved in the details of setting up a website. Hence they outsource the entire process. However, allowing the web designer to take care of the hosting is a mistake. The web designer can host the your website either on his own server or with a hosting provider. A server is a computer that holds the website’s software files and makes the website accessible from the Internet. If the website


Why Utilize SAN?

SAN (Storage Area Network) is a dedicated high-speed network that interconnects and presents shared pools of storage devices to many servers. In a storage area network, a layer of management software separates the pooled storage resources and the servers that access the storage. This software allows information technology administrators to centralize and manage multiple storage resources as if it were one consolidated resource. Because of the software, each of the servers can see only one storage device, while each of the storage devices in the SAN can see just one server. You can move data at will to any of the


Why SSD (Solid State Drives) Are Ideal for Business Storage Applications

Solid state drives have been around longer than most people think, having been used in military and medical applications throughout the 1990s and 2000s. Many early game consoles used solid state drives to improve performance and reduce loading times. Solid state drives started becoming available in laptop computers and on a standalone basis commercially again in 2007. They provide numerous benefits that make them an excellent option for business storage applications. Although SSD drives are currently more expensive than their counterparts, the price has steadily been coming down as popularity has risen. Lack of Moving Parts SSD (solid state drives) get their


Why Should You Consider Using A Data Center To Host Your Servers

The data of your business should be the center of everything. It’s the heart of your business, so this makes it necessary for a business to have secure servers hosting their data. In this technology driven world, a data center could easily be one of the most important parts of your company. Some companies choose to create their own data centers, others choose to use another company to host their servers. Servers are often filled with unique software and programs; and they hold data that is not only important, but often very sensitive as well. Why are some companies letting something


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