Enabling Remote Workers: 9 Questions to Ask

Enabling a remote workforce isn’t just about knowing how to run a meeting virtually, it’s about having the right tools, knowing how to use them, and understanding the needs of the different remote worker profiles. In these unprecedented times, we’re hearing lots of questions about how to enable a remote workforce. Here are the nine questions we hear most often and answers that you can use to get your remote workers up and running and build the essential infrastructure to support them.


Storage: The Risk and Reward of Off-Site Data Storage

If your data multiplies and your document population approaches full capacity, this is the best time to assess your storage expansion needs. Now is the time to give consideration to some important aspects of data storage. Certainly, it should never cost an arm and a leg to protect your information from the many risks that lurk in any neighborhood. What If … Think about your location, especially if it happens to be an urban location. The area might be crowded and not conducive to physical expansion. Internal space could already be over-populated with little – or no – spare room to add


Angry Employees Pose Network Security Threat

According to a recent article from CFO, the Department of Homeland Security has said that angry employees pose a “significant” threat to the U.S. community due to the network security issues they cause. The department issued a public service announcement in which it stated that there have been an increasing number of incidents where disgruntled IT workers have used their passwords to destroy data, or obtain customer information so that they can buy goods and services using customer accounts. These fired employees also obtained proprietary information through the use of cloud storage devices, the article stated, and have continued to


Why Microsoft Office 365 is Important:

Could 85 million active users be wrong? We think not. That is the reported number of individual Microsoft Office 365 active users worldwide. For business users, this Microsoft on-the-cloud suite of data storage as well as Software as a Service (SaaS) applications provide security, mobility, productivity, and downsizing of server infrastructure, all of which contribute to a more robust and predictable bottom line.   WHAT IS MICROSOFT OFFICE 365? It is Microsoft’s cloud subscription-based service that delivers all of the productivity application tools that businesses have come to depend on, plus web conferencing, email, and data storage. These tools can


Is Your IT Department Spending Too Much Time on Functions That Support Your Business and Not the Core of Your Business?

Veiled behind the IT Department’s digital curtain, the C-suite does not often see the actual juggling act motivated IT professionals perform. A driven IT team will strive to streamline the time-consuming, but critical, chores that maintain uninterrupted technology services and attempt to carve out time to support the initiatives that will grow market share and therefore the bottom line. A business plan is essentially made to cater to a paying customers’ needs and wants, whether it is a manufactured product or a service at a price point and a level of customer service that beats the competition. At Global IP


Questions You Should Be Asking Your Data Center Provider

You may be looking to consolidate applications and data resources into one scalable and reliable storage location.  Or perhaps regulations require that your data is stored in a facility with state of the art, and regularly audited, security features. Whatever your reason for looking for an offsite data storage solution, all data centers are not equal in the services they deliver, the security they provide, the certification they have earned, or in the availability and the skill level of technical personnel. What may seem like an unbelievably good deal is usually just that: unbelievable.  Here are three critical questions that


How Colocation Services Can Fit in Your New Budget in 2017

Is your on-premise date center or server room at capacity? Don’t spend additional capex dollars by expanding before you consider Colocation. Moving your production and/or DR environment off premise and into a colocation facility has significant benefits. Security, scalability, reliability, multiple redundancy’s and a staff making sure it’s uptime is all the time 24x7x365. These are just a few of the many reasons a CIO will want to take advantage of colocation. CEOs and CFOs who are serious about containing costs will see the immediate benefits as the savings head straight for the bottom line. Slashing the Total Cost of


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