Choosing the Ideal Enterprise Cloud Storage Provider

Cloud infrastructures are quickly becoming a necessity for businesses looking for secure backup, scalable storage, and easy collaboration on shared files. In addition to optimizing your business’s operations, cloud service providers offer an array of additional solutions and benefits to further support your business and its unique needs. At Global IP, we take pride in assisting our clients in making an informed decision when selecting their cloud service provider. Below are a few of the most important questions and considerations to keep in mind while looking through your options. Do You Need Cloud Storage or Backup? While there is some


Brute Force Hacking: Are Your Servers Safe?

Hollywood often portrays the hacker as an individual who is highly adept at guessing usernames and passwords. In the real world, servers actually do get hacked in this way. However, the guessing isn’t done by a person but rather by software. The software sometimes does this systematically by using all possible combinations of characters to guess usernames and passwords. Sometimes they may use to great effect, a list of default usernames and passwords commonly used by lazy people. Because of the software’s speed and the prevalence of weak usernames and passwords, the hacker has a good chance of success. Even when an


Big Data: The Uses Of Data Exhaust

Everyone generates information as a by-product of their activities. Wear patterns indicate favorite couches, and fingerprints reveal objects that have been touched. Data exhaust is unstructured information that is a by-product of digital activity. Unlike worn couches that get thrown out or fingerprints that are cleaned off, recorded digital activity is stored for very long periods of time. This unstructured subset of big data can reveal valuable insights about people, and the nature of these insights depend on the questions asked. Search Engine Use One company that has hugely benefited from the left over digital exhaust of online activity is


Big Data: The Reason for Optimism in the Fracking Industry

Since the early 1970s, OPEC has had a powerful influence on the price of oil by virtue of its enormous oil production. However, that has changed over the last five years when high oil prices stimulated the U.S. fracking industry. Its huge shale oil output combined with Saudi Arabia’s oversupply efforts to suppress U.S. fracking has since led to a collapse in the price of oil. Because fracking is more costly than conventional oil extraction, the current oil price collapse is closing down U.S. shale oil rigs. Experts predict that fracking will only “kick in” when oil prices are high


Big Data: The New Hiring Tool

The quality of its employees is essential to determining whether a company succeeds or fails. Therefore the job of the hiring manager is a vital one. It is also a job that isn’t always performed in an optimal manner. Why? The reason comes down to human brain function and its limitations. The amount of job applicants that respond to a well publicized position can number in the hundreds while the average human brain can only work with four things at once. Other problems include fatigue, cynicism, group think, and biases. A hiring manager may have previously hired a graduate from


Big Data: Consider Safe Storage in an Offsite Facility

Today, businesses gather large amounts of industry-specific information from a wide range of available sources. Big data comes from places like social media, chat rooms (public and private) and hard copy sources such as libraries, universities, think tanks, research facilities and news agencies. It is difficult to process all of this data using traditional methods that include (but are not limited to) onsite storage, software or databases. Use of Big Data Big data is important because it helps to improve business operations and it is useful in helping identify hidden existing problems or new marketing opportunities. This data helps analyze


Big Data and Cloud Storage

Big data is trending in 2013. Many of today’s top companies have a big data initiative in the next 5 years. With the growing popularity of big data and the price drops of cloud storage, big data in the Cloud is becoming a viable option for the enterprise. There are loads of opportunities for large and small business under this business model. The amount of data that companies have is growing at an alarming rate. When our economy tanked during the slowdown, many companies consolidated their data centers and virtualized their hardware. This downturn sparked an operations streamline to save money. With


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