Operating a Remote Workforce is No Longer Just a Remote Possibility

As the age of remote working is here, this offers unique opportunity for both your employees and the business. As traditional work arrangements evolve to include remote teams, companies can garner the best talent, regardless of their location, while also providing their clients with more comprehensive support coverage. This arrangement can enhance the lives of individuals that prefer or require a more flexible schedule, like parents, individuals with the inability to work during traditional hours, and those seeking to shorten their commute. This tipping point has deep and wide ramifications for organizations attempting to return to pre-COVID-19 productivity levels. The


Big Data and Cloud Storage

Big data is trending in 2013. Many of today’s top companies have a big data initiative in the next 5 years. With the growing popularity of big data and the price drops of cloud storage, big data in the Cloud is becoming a viable option for the enterprise. There are loads of opportunities for large and small business under this business model. The amount of data that companies have is growing at an alarming rate. When our economy tanked during the slowdown, many companies consolidated their data centers and virtualized their hardware. This downturn sparked an operations streamline to save money. With


Be Aware of Tax Season Email Scams

Scammers look for opportunity to bait unsuspecting users. Tax season presents a prime opportunity for cybercriminals to disguise a new attack on an unsuspecting victim. Small businesses are especially vulnerable since they are usually not as well protected and often have large amounts of cash in their bank accounts. The prime method used by cybercriminals is email scamming. Protect your company by being aware of the most common attack techniques. Phishing scams: The IRS included phishing scams on its “Dirty Dozen” list. This scam involves a fraudulent email that captures personal and company data. According to the IRS, it never uses electronic


Be Aware Of IRS E-mail Scams This Tax Season

Tax season is upon us. While you are scrabbling around trying to add in those last-minute deductions and maximizing your return, don’t forget to keep your information safe. Tax season is also a prime season for those who like to prey on the public’s vulnerability. Every year, thousands fall victim to a malicious e-mail scam that targets people’s private information in regards to their taxes. How The Scammers Get Their Foot In The Door  Most people know not to open e-mails they receive from sources that look fishy to them. However, the scammers can get around this by posing as though they


Backup Storage: The Options

What would you do if you lost those pictures of your spouse, or your kids, or your parent? Everybody has files that they don’t want to lose, but from time to time, disaster strikes. Are you prepared? Here are a few of the best backup storage options available today. The Cloud The cloud is generally accepted as the safest and most convenient storage available currently, especially for backing up files. This is because, depending on the company you subscribe to, your files will be automatically backed up multiple times, and to multiple places across the country. It doesn’t get much easier or


Back to the Future and the Future of Storage

October 21, 2015 was a long-awaited day for fans of Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and the Flux Capacitor-fueled DeLorean. It was the day Marty arrived back in the future in Back to the Future II. If the movie were to be made today, one would have to wonder if the Flux Capacitor would have been plagued by storage incapacity. Or perhaps, the movie would have a different story line altogether. Think about it, a big part of the plot revolves around a copy of Gray’s Sports Almanac that Marty got his hands on in 2015, only to be stolen by his


Assuring Business Continuity With Offsite Data Centers

Your business is your life. And business continuity is what makes your life work. All the wires and lights, servers and data centers in the world can’t help you if you can’t use them to serve your customers. That’s where offsite data centers and secure, redundant networks come in. Hosting your data offsite ensure that if anything happens to your business (be it lightning strikes, floods, fires or even burglary), your information remains secure in a well-guarded facility. The best data centers are built like vaults. Video surveillance and weatherproofing must be standard. But the network connections to get inside the vault have to


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