About Global IP Networks

Since our inception in 2000, we have always been passionate about people first, technology second. More than uptime and state of the art technology, our strength relies on our people, our principal, and our culture. We believe that performance is not only doing some things right but doing all things right. We have grown rapidly every year as we keep our strong commitment to work hand in hand with our customers in supporting their vision and objective.
GIP Team
100% Uptime is our daily goal, and we are committed to providing you the ideal environment to achieve that. We refuse to host any form of pornography, gambling, spamming and other at-risk industries that could bring negative impact to our environment. When you host with us, you will be among other respectable and growing businesses like yours. We understand that your business is an investment in your future, so we are here to give you the safest, most positive and risk-free environment to support a return on that investment.

Our two data centers are located strategically in Plano and downtown Dallas, separated far enough to give you both diversity and convenience. With over 400 Gbps DWDM network capacity connecting our Plano and downtown Dallas data centers, Global IP Networks is your one stop shop for your cloud, production, and backup data centers.